Safeguarding training requirements for Ministers

From 1 January 2017 all accredited persons and Nationally Recognised Pastors must undertake the BUGB level 2 and 3 safeguarding training every 4 years, and at least one on line module per year in the intervening years.  

This requirement will not apply if the minister is serving as a Chaplain where safeguarding training is provided which is relevant to the ministry that they are undertaking. However, if they serve as a moderator or part time minister alongside this role they will need to undertake level 3 training with BUGB as this is relevant to their church context.   A Chaplaincy Safeguarding Declaration is available from the Ministries Team; completion of this form means that you will not need to provide us with evidence of your safeguarding training while you are employed as a chaplain (unless you are a Moderator). 

Ministers in retirement will not be required to engage in safeguarding training with BUGB unless they are serving in a retirement pastorate or as a moderator, in which case the normal requirements will apply. 

In exceptional cases the MRC can determine whether an accredited person needs to undertake safeguarding training for the role that they are undertaking.