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Revd David Stedman

CEO African Pastors Fellowship

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APF has two key objectives for 2021, one strategic the other pastoral.

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eVitabu is APF's groundbreaking app which enables marginalised church and community leaders in Africa to access inspirational books, audios and videos, in English and local languages. We are seeking to scale up users in Africa and have launched a UK sponsorship option to help make the app long-term sustainable. For a monthly donation less than the price of a paperback book you can place a library in the hands of a dedicated but under-resourced African pastor. To find out more, click here.


Uganda went into its second full lockdown just over a week ago. This wave of Covid is hitting Africa hard. In addition to the immediate economic impact of lockdown for a population that lives from hand to mouth, I am struck by other injustices. The developing world has not been able to vaccinate substantial numbers (less than 1m in Uganda) but will also be hit by the more aggressive variants. Everyone knows someone that is desperately sick or has died. An antigen test costs £25. Treatment, if there is a bed and oxygen, costs £300 per day.

"If I get sick I will lay on my mattress and sleep. If I wake up, I wake up. If I do not, I will rest."

We have a growing number of requests for emergency relief grants for our friends and partners around the continent, if you would like to support the work, please click here