How we can help 

how we can help

Our primary goal is to support churches and church leaders across our region - we aim to this in a number of different ways.

Regional Ministry

Our regional ministry team is led by Revd Stuart Davison and includes Revd Paul Kerley. They are supported by Pam Kerley as their PA.

Together Stuart and Paul offer pastoral care to all Baptist ministers living and working in the region whether they are working in a Baptist church, training for the ministry, working in other sectors (e.g. as chaplains or for other organisations or have retired from active ministry.
They are always willing to speak and/or lead services especially when your minister is not available and are happy to lead special service such as anniversaries. They usually lead induction and ordination services, representing the wider Baptist family. They are also happy to be involved in weekends away and other retreats or study/teaching activities.

Generally Stuart looks after churches in Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex and Paul the churches in Kent, but there is always flexibility. Stuart leads on ministerial placements and Paul on ministerial recognition and training.

Another key area of their work is supporting churches facing challenges where they need some additional help or where there is a dispute between a minister and their church. Where a church is unsure of the way forward, particularly where there is a potential financial, legal or employment issue at stake we would always encourage contacting your Regional Minister sooner rather than later as the earlier they can be involved the more likely it is that the situation can be dealt without getting out of control. Both Stuart and Paul are always ready to offer advice to ministers or church leaders and deacons.

Support for Secretaries and Treasurers

If you have recently been appointed as a Church Secretary or Treasurer and have not carried out the role before it can be quite daunting. We have created these pages in the hope that they will give you some idea of where to start and who to contact for further information.

Help, I'm a church Secretary!
Help, I'm a church Treasurer!

Funding for ministry and projects

We recognise that not all of our member churches are always in a position to fund a minister themselves and sometimes need some help. Our Church Growth grants are designed to offer funding toward a ministerial position in order to help a church grow to a point where it can generate the funds it needs from its own congregation.

Where a church has identified a specific project that will strengthen the ministry to its local community but needs some extra funding to make it happen, we can offer support through our Project Fund. Whilst SEBA have created this fund, our hope is that churches from across the region will support this as a way if helping other churches in the family and growing the Kingdom across our region.

Assistance with safeguarding issues

We provide a lot of information on Safeguarding and DBS checks on the safeguarding pages of our website and there is a lot more available on the Baptist Union website.

Wendy Mann is our regional Safeguarding Officer - her role is to assist churches with any safeguarding issues that they are uncertain as to how to deal with. Like Stuart and Paul, Wendy is always happy to offer advice and would much rather be involved at the early stage of any developing situation rather than be called in once it has already got out of hand.

Whilst Wendy is off sick, please contact Paul Kerley


We have brought together a number of other resource that we think might be useful on this page, but if there is anything that you can't find, please contact us.

Other organisations who offer wider support

This page provides links to other organisations that we or member churches have worked with and have found helpful in specific areas.