One Team 


  • Our Trustees ensure that the Association fulfils its duty to its members and beneficiaries through its charitable activities and delivers on its vision, priorities and values. They are responsible for
  • Policy development & monitoring 
  • Vision and strategy development  
  • Compliance
  • Reporting to relevant bodies
  • Budget development & monitoring
We currently have a number of vacancies on our Trustee Team and would welcome applications from members of Baptist churches in our region with any of the following experience:
  • Charity governance
  • Human Resources
  • Financial management
Trustee meetings take place once a quarter and there is also the opportunity to get involved in committee work or on specific projects working with the staff team. A full description of the role is available here.

Being part of the Trustee Team is a rewarding experience, working with other trustees from different backgrounds and seeing how God is working through the member churches across the region. If you think you could serve the Baptist family in the South East in this way please contact David Sheldon.

The Leadership Team

  • Our Leadership Team leads, inspires and envisions the Association to enable us to fulfil our vision. To that end they are responsible for
  • Encouraging Christian discipleship and growth SEBA wide
  • Encouraging ministerial development including prayer, Bible study and theological
  • Our vision and strategy
  • Church planting, revitalisation & pioneering possibilities
  • Interdependent close working with Network ministers
  • Pastoral oversight of ministers and churches
  • Enabling work with children, young people & students
  • Building and maintaining relationships with those Baptist Ministers in Sector Ministries (Chaplaincies)
  • Safeguarding
  • Collaborative working between other Baptist Associations and the Baptist Union

Network Ministers

  • Assisting and serving in the SEBA vision of mission discipleship and wellbeing amongst network churches ‘Enabling mission & Christian living’
  • Sharing with the Regional Ministers in their ministry of pastoral oversight across the region
  • Leading the network, working collaboratively with other networks
  • Fulfilling the vision of local network of churches, inspiring, influencing and leading mission and ministry”
  • Playing a key role in connecting ministers through Continuing Ministerial Development
  • Helping to support churches in specific areas of the association
  • Helping churches practically as ‘first responders’ when there are times of difficulty or problems
  • Encouraging Local Mission Potential and Missional Collaboration within Networks
  • Representing the network to SEBA /Regional Minister
  • Facilitating an annual Church Forum / Roadshow with other Network Ministers within the county to foster greater attachment with SEBA 

The Operations Team

Our Operations Team supports the work of the Association and is responsible for

  • HR management
  • Finance management 
  • Policy and compliance implementation
  • Risk management
  • Health and Safety
  • Administration, Logistics & Event management
  • IT
  • Communications & Digital presence