Pastors - The family is a community of Christians with a shared vision and purpose to help train people to be mature and effective disciples of Christ. (USA) - The Baptist Ministers’ Fellowship is open to all those, in the UK or elsewhere, who are in Baptist ministry or in ministerial training, and to those who have been in ministry. (UK) - is dedicated to resourcing, informing, and connecting a community of church leaders for greater Kingdom impact worldwide. - Mainstream is now developing as a movement of leaders and churches committed to seeking God as we stand alongside one another to share in God's mission in the world. (UK)  - Some advice on what we can do to help our Pastors. - a site is for pastors and Christian leaders who are striving to fulfill the Great Commandment and the Great Commission (Matthew 22 and 28) through the local church. (Saddleback Church, USA)

Peer Supervision - Everyone, at least everyone in ministry, knows how lonely and hard it can be. Having a second voice to keep you sane and help you reflect is vitally important.  Click here - ‘’ is designed to feel like a pastor's best friend. On a Sunday night sleepless with anxiety attacks or a sluggish Monday morning, you can listen to leaders of churches like you reflect on making their ministry better. (USA)


Ministers' Spouses

Article - 'How to Cope as a Vicar’s Wife – the Top Ten Tips' - Click here - the support network for those married to Baptists in ministry, mission, training and retirement, as well as those who have been widowed. (UK) - an online ministry of help, support, and encouragement to wives of pastors, ministers, missionaries, and clergy. (USA)


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