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East Kent network

Birchington Baptist Church

Main Address: 31 Station Road, BIRCHINGTON, CT7 9DJ
also meets at: Crescent Road,
BIRCHINGTON, CT7 9DP (for Sunday evenings)
01843-845400     Email
Minister: Revd Bob Goode

Birchington Baptist Church

Three things for encouragement and prayer:

We have been running our Storehouse foodbank for seven years, and in that time have been able to help hundreds of individuals and families. Just recently we have seen folk who have attended the foodbank on a Thursday coming into church, for social events and worship. One of them, Andrea, was baptised after recommitting her life to Jesus a few weeks ago.
Please pray that these foodbank initiated relationships deepen, and those who hear about Christ will respond in faith.

The LOFT is our youth space, running for just over a year now. We have gained a core of secondary school pupils who drop in on Tuesday after school, and for a longer time on Friday evenings.
Please pray for Hannah Rogers our Families and Youth Worker, and her team as they welcome the youngsters, and for openings in conversation.

We are taking part in a village wide Christmas event on the 8th December. We are hosting a 'living nativity' in church, and have been asked, as part of our churches together group to finish the day with an openair community carol service.
Please pray for Birchington, especially that in the carol service we can share the 'heart of Christmas'.

East Sussex network

Welcome Baptist Church

01435 864646     Email
Minister: Revd Andy Caldwell

Welcome Baptist Church

We launched Messy Church in October 2017.  This has enabled us to outreach into the community and run events during the summer holidays such as Messy Family Fun, we also have other groups running concurrently from that, Messy Mums group meeting each month in an evening.  Messy play sessions. This has resulted in running a small Alpha Group.

We have expanded from our Youth Service “Re Fresh” meeting each month, to having additional worship and workshop sessions open to all ages.

The mission we were involved in “The Turning” has subsequently become a monthly event of a team being on the street on a Saturday morning, chatting the Gospel called “COTS” Church On The Street.  They meet to pray each Saturday morning.  We have also had success in getting the stores in Heathfield collecting for our local Foodbank (Hailsham) and we are a collection point for Operation Christmas Child. 

Prayers for:

  • Launching new mentoring groups, particularly the young teens girls group and the training that will be rolled out in the new year.
  • For the women’s Alpha Group
  • For the ongoing work with the 40-60 Messy Church families


Gatwick Network

Life Community Baptist Church

Church meets on Sundat (10.30-13.00)at: Business Enterprise Centre, The Forest School, Compton Lane, HORSHAM, RH13 3NT
Correspondence Address
C/o  6 Curzon Avenue, HORSHAM, RH12 2LB
01403 217204     Email
Minister: Revd Pete Dibdin

Life Community Baptist Church

2019 has been the year of passing on the baton in the life of our church. We praise God for the seamless like transition from our retiring minister, at the end of December 2018, to Revd. Pete Dibdin’s commencement as our new minister on 1st January 2019.  He and his family are now familiar and well established into our church family.  

There have been several celebration events this year, including a special time on 3rd February for the induction service of our new pastor.   We were encouraged by the number of visitors who came, including Stuart Davison, SEBA Regional Minister, who brought us a message that we are all called to be faithful servants of Christ. It was also good to see the Headmaster of Forest School, with his wife, attend.  We are sensing God has provided us with an ‘open door, previously not evident, for building relationships with the school where we meet on a Sunday and with the local community. 

As a church, we have refreshed our logo, the previous one was looking rather outdated.   We have included a tree within the new design primarily to  represent “The Tree of Life” but we also have several connections relating to tree words,  including the area of Horsham  where we meet being called ‘Oakhill’ and the school where we meet being ‘Forest School’. 

We’re also beginning our journey into Whole Life Discipleship with other churches from the Gatwick Network through a Learning Hub run by The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity. We’re looking forward to discovering how we can be more fruitful disciples for Jesus in our daily lives.


  • Please pray for us to recognise opportunities to share the Good News and be effective and fruitful witnesses in our community, especially as we are leading into this joyous season of Christmas and into a new year and a new decade.
  • We would especially appreciate your prayers to properly discern and fulfil God’s will for developing the opportunity He has provided to us for building relationships with the school where we meet.  
  • We are eager to see more families in the community, especially with young children, to come along and join our church. 

Mid Sussex Network

Gateway Baptist Church

Station Road, BURGESS HILL, RH15 9EQ
01444-233050     Email
Pastoral vacancy

Gateway Baptist Church

This year at Gateway, we have been seeking the Lord as we move into a new chapter of our history, following the retirement of our pastor of 20 years back in January.

We  thank God for His continuing faithfulness to us, and especially for  His consistent words of encouragement and challenge through recent visiting preachers, who have been a real blessing. It has also been a blessing to see the whole church family pulling together and expectantly waiting on God during what could potentially be an unsettling time.

We thank God that our "Activate!" children's holiday programme continues to attract an enthusiastic number of children who don't usually attend church. We look forward to our next event for them and their families, which is our Crib Service. We pray that this will be a time when we can also engage more with the families of our Nursery, "Fish and Bricks."

Points for Prayer:

  • Please pray for the leadership team as we seek to serve the church family during this interregnum and as we seek God's guidance for the future
  • Pray for our House groups, known to us as Reach Out Groups, as we try to find ways to engage with our local community
  • Please pray also as we are in the process of trying to move ahead with a long awaited rebuild.

North Downs network

Fleet Baptist Church

115 Clarence Road, FLEET, GU51 3RS      01252 812590   Email        
Senior Pastor: Christopher J Bird,  Associate Pastors: Lee Amena, Nathan Ayrton
Youth Pastor: Amy Barnett

Fleet Baptist Church

 We are so excited at all that Holy Spirit is doing in these days, and we are preparing ourselves for a revival that we believe is coming to our nation.  In anticipation of that, we’ve taken a step of faith and appointed new staff and we are believing for the provision of a new building, having outgrown our building some years ago.  Trying to buy a new building has proved extremely difficult, and we have lost a number of buildings over the past few years when Property Developers with bigger budgets snap them up for residential development.   However, we remain confident that Heavenly Father will lead us to the right building at the right time - and we are currently at an advanced stage of negotiations regards a building, whilst simultaneously pursuing other options too - much wisdom needed!

The most important thing, however, is worship.  It’s all about Jesus.  We are discovering more and more how much God loves to move in power when we focus utterly and completely on Him.  We love to wait upon the Lord and allow Him space to minister to us - and seeing lives transformed when people allow their Heavenly Father to heal their heart, soul and body is one of life’s greatest joys - and as Christians we all get to be channels of His love and His power - what a privilege!

We’d love to ask you to pray for the following:

  • that in 2020, we will see large numbers of people in Fleet giving their hearts to Jesus, and that we will be effective in discipling them
  • that we encounter more of the incredible presence of God in our worship, with healings, miracles, signs and wonders becoming normal weekly events
  • that we will now see the provision of a building we need as our new home, and that we will glorify God in the process

Thank you so much for praying for us - we truly appreciate it.

North Kent network

Yalding Baptist Church

Vicarage Road, YALDING, ME18 6DP
01622-817337     Email 
Pastoral vacancy

New toilets at Yalding Baptist Church

In the last year our average Sunday service attendance has increased from 19 to 25 with a large proportion of children among our regulars, for which we praise God! We have moved from the small hall to the larger one to ensure we always have space for everyone. It is wonderful to see new people joining us to worship the Lord and get to know Him better.

We now have a monthly group for young people aged 11 and over as we have a growing number in this age group- we are thankful to Katie for being willing to lead this. One of the group was recently baptised, a great encouragement.

Our building now has a completely new toilet area which includes an accessible toilet and baby changing facility for the first time! At the same time, we also renewed a flat area of roof which had been leaking on a regular basis. We praise God for the provision of the funds for this, mostly from faithful giving by the congregation over a number of years, as well as some fundraising and the income from hiring out the building to other groups.

Points for prayer:

  • Ongoing strength to serve and continued trust in the Lord's provision by our leaders and all members (the church has no paid workers at all).
  • More people to join our children's and youth workers team- we are grateful for Anne who comes to help from another church once a month but we are still very stretched. For growth in grace for all our young people.
  • Funds for further work which is needed on our aging building- the next project is the main hall floor surface but in the next few years we will also need to totally renew the floor (and hopefully put a baptistery back in- there isn't one at the moment!) and renew the main roof. We pray that our upcoming Christmas Tree Festival raises some funds but more importantly brings more of our village into contact with the church and, through us, to get to know Jesus.

South Kent network

Zion Baptist Church

Tenterden High Street
TN30 6BB
01580 388934
Minister: Revd Freddy Farais-Palacios

Zion Baptist Church, Tenterden

In June 2019 Rev Freddy Farias-Palacios was inducted as the new minister at Zion Baptist Church. His arrival has brought an increase in the number of weekly events and activities within the church, such as Coffee Mornings on Fridays, Church Open for Prayer on Tuesdays, and the introduction of Bible courses for the different home groups in our church. We give thanks for ‘Rainbow Tots’, our Parent and Toddler Group. We thank God for the parents, grandparents and childminders who bring the children to Tots (about 20 per week), and we give thanks for the helpers.

In 2018 we had our first “Christmas Tree Festival”. The desire of the congregation was to get Zion Baptist Church more ‘on the map’; known to the people of Tenterden. However, God blessed us in so many ways, particularly affirming people who helped, showing the church fellowship that He wants us to be welcoming with open doors and practicing hospitality; sowing seeds of faith in conversations.

Since Freddy’s arrival at the Church he and his wife Cecilia have been getting to know the congregation, and exploring where God might be leading us for the future.  We have been encouraged by the number of local people coming through the doors, particularly on Fridays each week.  Fruitfulness on the Frontline by Mark Greene was the course used by the different home groups from July to September. This has helped us to reflect about making a difference where we are (our frontlines). Therefore our fellowship is recognizing the ‘Christmas Tree Festival’ as a Frontline activity, and has put in a lot of effort and prayer.

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for Freddy and Cecilia and their family as they continue to settle into the Church and local area.
  • Please pray for Rainbow Tots Group. Pray for us to actively take opportunities to share our faith in stories, crafts, and conversations. Pray for the children that they will learn to know and love God, and for the adults to want to know more, and want to come to church activities and services.
  • We give thanks to God for our second “Christmas Tree Festival”. Please pray that this activity and the Coffee mornings on Fridays may allow us to build relationships with local people. Pray that God will bless our weekly activities so that the glory goes to Him – as well as sowing seeds that Zion Baptist Church is a live and welcoming place to get to know Him.

West Kent network

Vine Baptist Church

Park Lane, SEVENOAKS, TN13 3UP
01732 740634
Retiring – Revd Jim Crockett
Appointed – Revd Andrew Diaper

Vine Baptist Church

It’s been a busy year for Vine Baptist Church (VBC), Sevenoaks, as we have been preparing for the retirement of our pastor Rev. Jim Crockett, after nearly 15 years as our minister. And 2020 promises to be just as busy and exciting as we prepare to welcome our new minister Rev. Andrew Diaper.

We feel blessed by God as our interregnum will consist of just 6 weeks! There have been challenges, as we have been in the unusual position of preparing to say farewell to a loved Pastor, whilst talking with Pastor Andrew and preparing for what God has planned for our future.
Pastor Andrew, with his wife Alice and their two young boys, will bring a new youthful vitality to our fellowship, whilst maintaining a strong emphasis on inter-generational worship.

For any friends or passed members, Jim’s retirement party and farewell service are on the 11-12th January, and Andrew’s Induction Service is planned for Saturday 14th March. Further details can be obtained from the church office.

Points for Prayer:

  • For Jim and Sylvia as they come to retirement and move away to a new area. For an awareness of God’s plans and purpose for their lives in this new chapter of their service for God.
  • For VBC’s Leadership team, as they oversee the transition and encourage the fellowship to expect and be open to new ideas and new directions.
  • For Andrew, Alice and their boys, as they leave friends and look to start afresh in a new environment and church fellowship. That their excitement and anticipation of all that God can do with them and through them, will be matched by the blessing and presence of God’s Holy Spirit, as we seek to continue to proclaim Jesus in our town of Sevenoaks.

West Sussex network

Arundel Baptist Church

01243 587199     Email
Minister: Revd Steve Lomas

Arundel Baptist Church

Our Pastor Steve visits 8 Schools undertaking Assemblies on weekly and monthly basis and gets involved in other ways. He is also Chaplain of Local District Scouts which provides gospel opportunities. Some of the Children we have contact with in this way take part in our Holocaust Service in January each year and they come to our very successful Arundel Festival Fun Days. Our Church Anniversary in July was wonderful.

The past year has seen many changes in within our smaller congregation as some of our elderly have gone into Nursing Homes and some are now house bound which has reduced our Sunday worship numbers. So the Pastor and Leadership Team are involved in visiting our sick and shut ins. Our fellowship remains in good heart though.

Our Monthly Lunch for the  community and our Monthly Arty Krafter’s Group which also reaches out are positive meetings. We also are also leading two outreach Carol Services in the Town Square this Christmas over the weekend of the 6th to 8th December.

Matters for Urgent prayer:

  • Due to health reasons we have no regular Church Musicians as at end of November. Could any West Sussex Baptist Church help us from time to time with supply musicians please if so please contact Pastor Steve on 01243 587199. Please pray with us.
  • For our fellowship to increase – having lost a number to care needs. We are praying not only for a musician but also for one or two early retired couples who could join, help and support us.
  • For the Ministry in the schools and the local community and for impact on young for Jesus.
  • Our Pastor Steve’s weekly preach to a Church in Kisii West Kenya


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