News from the Networks


East Kent network

Minster Road Baptist Church

70 Minster Road, Minster-on-Sea, Halfway, SHEERNESS, ME12 3JJ
01795 585135     Email
Minister: Revd Elizabeth Johnstone

Minster Road Baptist Church, Sheerness montage

Since our last update 18 months ago, we have had the privilege of baptising seven people and welcoming them into membership. They make a significant contribution to the church with their varied gifts and talents and we are very blessed. We have also said farewell to some key members recently which we have felt keenly as a small church.

This coming September, we will be holding our third Messy Church. Not only have they been well attended by people who do not normally attend church, many new people have joined the Messy Church leadership team which is an exciting development.

We are blessed to have Sue Lutman who is Minister-In-Training at MRBC as well as training as a Prison Chaplain at HMP Swaleside. Among her many roles, she has led several successful Sycamore Tree Programmes which focus on restorative justice.

We continue to seek ways to serve the community. We regularly contribute to the local FoodBank and have hosted two excellent CAP courses. Despite the attendance being low, we are aware of the need within the local community and are seeking ways to publicise them. We also host weekly AA meetings and are committed to praying for this group and are seeing God at work. Sadly, the leader of our vibrant Parent and Toddler Group passed away after thirty years of service and the group is keenly feeling her loss.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for unity and that through the many changes we are experiencing, we would stay centred on Jesus, seeking his will always.
  • Pray for Sue in her final year of training at Spurgeon’s College and in her roles as Minister in Training and Prison Chaplain and particularly as she seeks God’s will for the future. She will be leading another Sycamore Tree Programme at the end of September and more volunteers are always welcome.
  • Pray for the Parent and Toddler Group as they deal with the loss of their leader and seek to move forward.

East Sussex network

Sidley Baptist Church

Claremount Road, BEXHILL-ON-SEA, TN39 5BX
01424 223217     Email
Minister: Revd Guy Partridge

Memorial stone at Sidley Baptist Church

On the 11th of January 1948, Sidley Baptist Church was born, as 16 members of from Beulah Baptist Church covenanted together at a public service declaring:

"We do solemnly dedicate ourselves to the Lord Jesus Christ , our Divine Redeemer, and to one another, as brethren and sisters in Him. We declare ourselves to be a church of Christ, an habituation of God, through the Spirit, the Head of the Church, and humbly submitting ourselves to His government, we enter into covenant with Him, and with one another, to walk in His Ways, to preach the word of God, to keep the ordinance of Believers Baptism and the Lord's Supper, and to labour for the salvation of men"  

Some 71 years later we are still seeking to do just that, and we thank God for our new Pastor, Revd Guy Partridge, who joined us in June having been our moderator for the 2 years prior to that.

The church building is located in the heart of Sidley, a very needy community situated on the north side of Bexhill. The building is much expanded since that inaugural service in 1948 and we are in the process of carrying out some needed renovation work to make it more useful and attractive to the community we are seeking to serve.  

When it comes to prayer we praise God for his faithful provision and for the continued strong links with Beulah Baptist Church in Bexhill. In terms of our desire to reach out to the people around us we believe in line with Isaiah 43:19, that God is doing a new thing. We pray that we would have the eyes to perceive it and the courage then to join in.        

Gatwick Network

Godstone Baptist Church

Godstone Hill, GODSTONE, RH9 8AJ
01883 742652     Email
Minister: Revd Phil Hughes

Godstone Baptist Church

Autumn at GBC sees a welcome shift in focus. The last few months have involved fundraising and replacing our roof. We can now shift to investing in people and ministry.

We begin a partnership with RenewWellbeing with the intention of opening a Wellbeing Cafe for our community. This breathes new life into our under-utilised cafe and it serves the community by offering welcome and inclusion to those struggling with isolation and mental health.
This term we also renew our search for a new staff member. We hope to employ someone as a community and family worker to develop the potential of our existing ministries and pioneer new ones.

We’re also exited to be beginning our journey into whole-life discipleship. Our leadership team will be meeting with six other teams from the Gatwick cluster over the next two years as a part of the LICC learning hub.

Give thanks:

  • For the financial resources that enabled us to maintain the building and seek a new staff member.

Please Pray:

  • That God will connect us to the person he wants for the new staffing position.
  • That the new Wellbeing Cafe is discovered and enjoyed by many.
  • That GBC disciples will be equipped to live out their faith seven days a week and make new disciples.

Mid Sussex Network

nothing this month

North Downs network

Ashtead Baptist Church

Barnett Wood Lane, ASHTEAD, KT21 2LW     Email
Minister: Revd Andrew Scott

Ashtead Baptist Church & congregation

Messy Church has been up and running officially since the Spring, and we hope to invite and attract more families to our gatherings, for a time of craft activities, celebration, food and fellowship, on the third Sunday afternoon of each month. It is a great opportunity for outreach to people from our community that we don't usually or often see in church. It has also enabled members to use their gifts and skills in new ways. Our theme for September was 'God loves a cheerful giver!'. Paul & Sue are our Messy Church Leaders. This new initiative has enabled several people to be trained in food hygiene and safeguarding.

Joy has joined Andrew, Ian and Ray in the Leadership Team, which was previously all male. 

We are collecting Harvest goods for London City Mission (Webber Street) and having a collection for a toilet-twinning project.

Our pastor, Andrew, is running the River Thames Half Marathon in October, and hoping to raise some money for Nazareth Evangelical College and for the work of BMS in Albania.

We are working our way through The Bible Course produced by the Bible Society. As we watch one DVD per month up to the end of 2019, at our midweek fellowship meetings, we are reminding ourselves of God's big story of salvation in Old & New Testaments.
Prayer requests:

  • Several of our members are currently facing significant changes in circumstances: bereavements, house moves, health concerns, new schools, new jobs. Please pray for God's peace and guidance and for His presence to be an anchor for them.
  • A considerable number of people use our buildings for a variety of activities: lunch club, toddler's group, ballet, choir rehearsals, birthday parties, W.I.. Please pray for God's presence to be felt by each visitor and for us to be more willing to use conversations as opportunities for witness.
  • For possible outreach events linked in to Halloween and Christmas.

North Kent network

Rainham Christian Fellowship

Waltham Road, Twydall, GILLINGHAM, ME8 6XE
07434 672418     Email
Presiding Elder: Peter Millard

Rainham Christian Fellowship

We have just entered a new phase of our building project with the knock through between the church and the new extension.  It is exciting to have reached this milestone although there is much to do before it is fully useable. 

The church has enjoyed a summer programme based on the ‘I Am’ sayings of Jesus that was well received by young and old alike.  We are grateful for our small group of teenagers who are growing in faith and increasing participation in church

In September we celebrated our 25th Anniversary.  This also marked 6o years from the building of the original Twydall Baptist Church.


  • We are grateful for two families that have recently joined the church. This is an answer to prayer after several members moved away last year.
  • We are grateful for God’s faithfulness over the years and in providing for the continuing building expansion.
  • For those who support the church by regularly preaching


  • For God to open doors so we may use our expanding premises to serve the community and share God’s love.
  • Health for church leaders
  • For our outreach programme with the other churches in the Twydall area.

South Kent network

Dover Baptist Church

Maison Dieu Road, DOVER, CT16 1RF
01304 213567     Email
Minister: Revd Graham Stanford

Dover Baptist Church

Pentecost Parade to Pencester
In the centre of the town of Dover there is a park with a bandstand/pavilion in the middle of it. On a Saturday, the day before Pentecost Sunday, the churches of the town joined together in a number of parades which began at various churches and a local school. The intention was that these, coming from different directions, would all converge as they got closer to the park, where they were due to arrive just before 3pm.

Once there we had choirs from local Church schools and a worship band, craft tables and space (and the weather) for picnics! We had over 300 people there at one time, and a number of very positive conversations were had with passers-by.

It was a Churches Together event that we organised, and it had three goals:
1. To unite the churches
2. To be visible and audible to the general public
3. To present opportunities for conversations with the public to occur

These, we decided, were clearly met. God blessed us, I believe, with lovely afternoon sunshine (although we had three gazebos wrecked by the wind early on), a wonderful opportunity for the Churches to be visible, and yes, to share something of the joy of Pentecost with the local population.

Holiday Club – Gold Diggers
From 28th August – 30th August we ran a holiday club for children across the town. This was an event supported by Christians Together in Dover. It was called Gold Diggers, as we were panning for gold (in the Wild West) and the treasure given to us by God

We had contact with 45 children over the three days, many of whom have attended previous years but some new faces.

The teaching was around the story of Joseph in the Old Testament. Day 1 looked at how we are special, Day 2 was about trusting and obeying God and Day 3 was about forgiveness. There was a variety of craft and some games to engage the children in the message.

The week ended with a party for the children to bring their families along to, where they joined in with some of the games and had a ‘bangers and beans’ meal.

Prayer requests:

We, as a church, would value prayers on two events.

  • The first is our Light Party, which is to be held on the 31st October as our alternative to Halloween.
    There are going to be a number of these events across Dover on the same evening. This year we have a fairground themed event, with light snacks and ice cream. Our prayer request would be for the leaders to have protection while they plan this event and that children and their families come along and hear the word of God in a safe environment.
  • The second is for the Winter Night Shelter.
    Throughout the months of December, January and February, we, between the Churches of Dover, will be offering accommodation for the homeless people of the town. It’s our third year of doing this, and there are a number of people who have been involved each year. Please pray that they may have the strength to offer their support again.
    The Outreach Centre that oversees the Night Shelter are presently looking for an overall Coordinator, so please pray that from those who apply for the post, the right candidate will be found.
    Also, please pray for new helpers, and indeed the ‘guests’. Many from last year were housed or moved on and out of homelessness. Please pray that once again God will be at work amongst the homeless and through the many members of the churches who will be getting involved. 

West Kent network

Pembury Baptist Church

Romford Road, PEMBURY, TN2 4HT
01892 825590     Email
Minister: Revd Dan Foster

Pembury Baptist Church

We are located in the middle of the growing village of Pembury, just outside Tunbridge Wells. We have a heart to see God at work. Earlier in the year there was a Prophecy Course (running alongside a sermon series on spiritual gifts) at which a good number explored this spiritual gift. Just recently we have begun to meet more frequently and earnestly to pray.
We also have a heart to bless our village and a new venture has been running a parenting course that local families appreciated. Our day centre for seniors, two toddler groups, monthly community café, regular outreach into residential homes and Messy Church all continue to run successfully.
I’ve been Pastor here for over a year now and I am grateful for the Church’s welcome and the sense of God’s call in being here.
Prayer request:

  • There isn’t much going on in Pembury for young people right now and plans are afoot to restart some

West Sussex network

Pulborough Brooks Baptist Church

Church meets at: Pulborough Village Hall, Swan View, PULBOROUGH, RH20 2BF
01903 741709
Minister: Revd Dr David G Howling

Pulborough Brooks Baptist Church (meets at Pulborough Village Hall)

Pulborough Brooks Baptist Church is now in its eight year and continues to experience God’s blessing. The ethos at PBBC is to be an outward looking church that seeks to play its part in building God’s Kingdom in Pulborough. We are motivated by our call to show the love of Jesus to our friends and neighbours through our actions as well as words. We try to maintain a high visible presence in the life of the village by selling bread at the monthly village market, running a vibrant parent and toddler group (called Jelly Beans), and engaging in community outreach projects. 

During the summer holidays we teamed up with our Community Wardens, Police Youth Liaison Officers and local Housing Association for a Day of Action. We spent the day clearing weeds, removing rubbish and painting over graffiti. It is amazing just what a small group of folk can achieve over the course of a few hours and we had some wonderful conversations with local residents. We have also successfully run a parenting course with a group of mums from Jelly Beans and are looking forward to running another course during the autumn.

The church fellowship is excited about the future prospects of PBBC. Over the coming weeks we will be seeking Gods guidance for our church as we seek to refresh our vision for 2020.

Praise Points:

  • Give thanks for another wonderful year of blessings.
  • Give thanks for the impact of Jelly Beans and the opportunity to run parenting courses.
  • Give thanks for the many positive contacts that were made during the Day of Action.


  • That we might not only grow spiritually but also numerically and that we might bear much fruit for the gospel.
  • That we will make a positive impact in our community and see people brought to faith in Jesus.
  • That we would know God’s will and guidance as we plan outreach activities throughout the year and renew our church vision for 2020.


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