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Julie Barry

Parish Nurse

Julie Barry - Parish Nurse

News on Parish Nursing Project for SEBA

The Parish Nursing Project in Edenbridge was started in 2010 after a very clear answer from God, to the prayer of what shall I do next Lord. Growing and changing organically, it now encompasses a variety of crucial aspects of wellbeing, including mental health support groups, food bank and furniture bank. We are supported ecumenically by the 6 churches in the area and at times our small team of volunteers reflects that mix.

Recent good news is that our Mums’ Support Group (set up when the need became apparent and the local mental health charities could not stretch their resources to start a group based in our town) is thriving and each week we marvel at the way it is transforming lives. It is a secular group, held in the church space and I am regularly bowled over by how God steps in and ministers to us.

More good news is that it has grown its own potential co-leaders, who we are currently training to enable us to run a second Mums’ Support Group, starting in December. Funding, which is covering the training, was donated (without being requested) before the donators were aware of the need!

Points for prayer please:

  • Please pray that our Mums’ Support Groups continue to bless all those whose lives they touch and that the Mums themselves can become ambassadors in the community.
  • Please pray that we can find the right person to re-insulate our shipping container food bank and that the funding for this comes in. We also need a larger store for our furniture bank.
  • In November 2021 I will not be revalidating my nursing registration and so will be stepping down from the project. Please pray that a service continues to help meet the needs of the community in whatever form is required.

With many thanks
Julie Barry
Parish Nurse