News from our Sector Ministers

Revd Lisa Rainier
Chaplain/Spiritual Care Lead - Spiritual Care Service at St Catherine’s Hospice

Malthouse Road, CRAWLEY, RH10 6BH
01293 447332

St Catherine's Hospice sign

St Catherine’s Hospice serves an area of 560,000 in West Sussex & East Surrey, caring for 2,100 people last year. Our Inpatient Unit has 18 beds, but 80% of our patients are cared for in their own homes.


  • Spiritual Care referrals in the community have increased of late; this is good news as it indicates that clinical colleagues who make these referrals recognise the importance and value of the service.
  • Detailed plans and fundraising are ongoing as we seek to realise the vision for a new purpose built hospice at Pease Pottage within the next 4 years.

Prayer requests:

  • Meeting the challenge of the increase in community referrals with a team that currently consists of 1 full time post holder and 2 volunteers.
  • A local URC minister who usually covers urgent Spiritual Care requests when I am not available is unwell herself at the moment; prayers for her would be much appreciated.