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Revd David Stedman
CEO for African Pastors Fellowship     Email

Revd David Stedman - CEO of African Pastors Fellowship

Revd David Stedman combines being CEO of African Pastors Fellowship with a part-time NHS mental health chaplaincy role. APF ministry requires frequent overseas travel where Dave works closely with influential leaders helping them deliver their strategies for leadership development and pastoral formation. A key expression of this is an app, developed by APF, called eVitabu ('vitabu' means books in Swahili) which enables marginalised and under-resourced Christian leaders to access a library of contextualised Biblical, theological and development materials in English and local languages, in text, audio and video formats. MH chaplaincy is a challenging pastoral ministry to which Dave has been committed for more than 15 years.

Please pray for:

  • the juxta-position and balancing of these demanding ministries alongside the need for time with family and re-creation.
  • plans for the ambitious scaling of eVitabu and its continued impact informing communities across Africa
  • APF 'pastor the pastors that pastor the pastors' - please pray for Dave as he gives and receives pastoral care in complex environments