Considering Ministry?

All Christians everywhere are called to love and serve God. We're given gifts, abilities and experiences that enable us to serve Him, one another and the wider community. Indeed the Baptist tradition holds dear “the priesthood of all believers‟, an individual and corporate responsibility for being involved in God's mission and ministries.

Some ministries are specifically mentioned in the Bible as being particularly significant for the health and growth of the church. In line with this, individuals may feel compelled to take on a certain role or responsibility. In some cases, individuals may feel God is asking them to offer themselves to full-time Christian ministry in a pastoral, evangelistic or youth work capacity.

The Baptist family recognises that God may call individuals to be “set apart‟ to minister on His behalf. There is a process in place which ensures such people are recognised, encouraged, fully trained and supported appropriately to enable and release them into ministry.

Getting involved in full time ministry needs to be more than just a good idea or career choice! Even if you have a passion to serve God you need to have a clear sense of call and this needs to be thoroughly tested by your local church and the wider Baptist family

Full time ministry is not an easy option, ask any existing pastor or minister! Though serving God in this way can be immensely fulfilling it is often a lonely path. There could be repercussions for family life for example; Manse life is often a bit of a “goldfish bowl” and then there is the possibility of relocating every few years. People often have higher expectations of those in ministry than others and there is still a residual sense of ministers being “on call” 24 hours a day!

The Living God calls every disciple to service and ministry. Some are called to a specific ministry of leadership, often those who feel inadequate for the task. If God has called you, He will equip you for this task. Listen to God, test the call you feel God has laid on your heart and life. Pray, believing that God always has your best interests at heart and will send the Holy Spirit to be with all concerned in the process of discernment.

Here are some of the qualities that are looked for in prospective ministers:-

.. a strong Christian commitment;
.. evidence of growth in Christian maturity;
.. a compelling sense of call to ministry;
.. a personality suitable for ministry;
.. evidence of necessary gifts and graces;
.. perseverance and an ability to see tasks through to completion;
.. an ability to relate to people of all ages;
.. an aptitude for learning.
(Above taken from the Baptist Union’s “Called to be a Minister” document - June 2008).

There are two key Baptist Union Resources to look at if you are considering Baptist Ministry, both of which you can download via the Baptist Together web site:
• 5 Core Values
• Baptist Basics Leaflets

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