News from the Team

Revd Penny Marsh
KTP Mission Enabler

Revd Penny Marsh

As I write this, I am just putting the final details together for the New Housing Hub conference this coming weekend. I am looking forward to sharing with those who have a heart for reaching out to the new housing areas nearby. Proposals and plans for new housing are increasing, and I am sure there will be development like this happening in your area too.

The question is how we will respond. For some it can be seen as a threat to the existing communities and towns; and yet it offers a significant missional opportunity right on our doorsteps. We are well placed to offer a welcome and hospitality. By engaging in community development, we can help to create vibrant neighbourhoods, and become a bridge between the existing and the new places. Considering prayerfully how we can contribute to a thriving new neighbourhood.

In a few weeks we will be celebrating in Ebbsfleet with our annual Easter Egg Hunt – what better opportunity to bring the community together for a fun family activity which centres around the greatest event in history! (We’re hoping it doesn’t rain this year!!). I know many of you will be planning outreach events and witnessing opportunities too. Please join me in praying that throughout the South East, the vibrant message of resurrection hope will reach every neighbourhood (old and new) and touch many lives, as we join with other Christians to proclaim and celebrate our risen Lord. Have a great Easter!