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Maeve Whitchurch
Youth Officer

Maeve Whitchurch

I expect you will have heard by now that I will be leaving at the end of April 2020. It’s been  interesting considering all the things that have happened during the past 20 years (yes it really is that long, well slightly longer actually). There have been many changes of staff, the considerable increase in safeguarding, and the enormous joy and privilege of being able to build relationships, sharing the ups and downs of life and ministry with so many of you.

One of the things I have been asked several times recently is what legacy do you hope you will leave? I’m guessing that this is something that gets asked of us all at some time or other. Well I thought as Christmas approaches and inevitably the New Year, thinking about the past year and hopes for the future is unavoidable. So, at one level or another we all have moments of considering what we have left and what is, or perhaps what may be as yet unknown, on the horizon.

For SEBA some of what has happened over the past few years, the death of David, our Treasurer followed shortly after by Brian the Association Secretary could, if we are not careful, become the dominating focus. Of course, we now have Malcolm our new treasurer and have just appointed David as the new Company Secretary and the discussions on the future life and direction of the association are hopefully taking more shape, so interesting days ahead.

And so, what of the legacy that I hope I may have left behind. Hmm…. not so easy, but, the more I have given it thought and consideration the more I have realised that I am not sure I want to leave a list (even if there is quite a list) of ‘doings’  in peoples mind but rather that they will quite simply have seen Jesus. I know that may sound like an opt-out, but this verse of scripture has recently been at the forefront of my mind John 3:30 ‘He must become greater and greater, and I must become less and less’ (NLT). With Christmas around the corner and 2020 getting ever closer I am trying to ‘end well’ and get my head around what’s next. To be honest I’m still not sure I just know that with God at the centre it has the potential to be yet another big adventure.

It is my hope and prayer that you will be greatly blessed this Christmas, and that as you move on into the next decade you will know excitement and anticipation about the things that God may have in store for the days and years ahead. May all who meet us see Jesus ever increasing in all that we do and all that we are

On behalf of SEBA