News from the Team

Revd Paul Kerley
Regional Minister


I was recently at a church where they desperately needed new church leaders. No one was willing to come forward except a relatively inexperienced (but with potential) committed Christian and church member in his late 20's. The older church members warmly appreciated his enthusiasm, but at the same time said loud and clear that he was too young in age!

My thoughts immediately went to 2 Timothy 1:1-18 where if one looks carefully one sees the Apostle Paul mentoring, training and discipling young Timothy (now in his mid 30's). Paul sets for us here a model and example of what we should do to develop the next generation of Christian church leaders. Space does not allow me to unpack the verses further but in them you can see for yourself how Paul developed Timothy as a future church leader and how we can develop our younger potential leaders to this as well… for example pray for them (3); love them (2,3,4); believe in them (5), minister to them (6); encourage them (7); challenge them (6); trust them (14); be an example to them (12); teach them (13) and share with them (8).

This will take time and effort on our part, but surely the next generation of church leaders who are so desperately needed today should to be given the opportunity to lead (and maybe make mistakes!), but who always know that those of us who are 'older' are right there for them and that we will make time to pass on what wisdom we have to build them up in every way as leaders in the Church today.

Thank you for your continued prayers for the work of the Association. Here are a few items for thanksgiving and prayer…

Items for prayer….

  • The SEBA Executive are presently working through our vision and strategies for the future.
  • The urgent need to find the right person to become our Association Company Secretary.
  • The giving from SEBA churches to Baptist Home Mission is down at present compared to the same time last year. However the need for financial assistance (via Home Mission Grants) from the Association is growing year-on-year.

Items for thanksgiving....

  • Mytchett Baptist Church are in the process of applying to become a member of SEBA and the BUGB.
  • The good number of new applicants from SEBA churches this year to train for Baptist Ministry.
  • The ministry and fellowship of the SEBA Executive and Team where there is an excellent esprit de corps.