The Team

David Burr - Treasurer

I was born into a Christian family, one of four children, I guess for many years I thought that made me a Christian. At a Boys Brigade camp in the Wye valley I discovered Jesus could be my saviour, and it was there that I committed my life to him. Much of my Christian experience has been with youth organisations. Boys Brigade, Covenanters, Youth clubs , and Bible classes. In February 1978 I moved to Gravesend with my Family, and soon found a welcome at Emmanuel. I have be able to serve the Lord there as Deacon, and Treasurer. My two daughters, are now both happily married, and have presented me with 4 grandsons and 2 grand-daughters, between them. All of which are priceless.

After the trauma of a painful marriage breakdown, nearly 2 years ago I remarried a lovely lady Paula, who I love dearly. My desire is to serve the Lord in this new role, and to support the work of the association, in bringing the Gospel to as many  people as possible 

 David Burr

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