News from the Networks


East Kent network

St Peter's Baptist Church

Vicarage Street, BROADSTAIRS, CT10 2SG     Email 
Minister: Revd Rhodri Walters

St Peters Baptist Church, Broadstairs congregation


  • Following a few years of support from our close neighbours Queens Road Baptist Church, a team of 10 were sent on Jan 1st from there to help renew things in St Peters.  This included one of their ministers: Rev Rhodri Walters & his wife Siân and their 2 children.  It's been great to see other new faces joining us over the past few months too.  We are seeking to be a people who are Kingdom building & Disciple making.  The foundation has been a prayer gathering which began two and a half years ago between the churches in St Peters - through this God has brought the churches together & transformed their outlook as they've joined together to worship and reach out into the community & we know that God is moving in St Peters & sense that there is much more to come.

Please pray:

  • For a growing 'Holy Discontent' - that we wouldn't be content with how things are. That we would be transformed into disciples of Jesus so that we can disciple others too as we see God's Kingdom grow.
  • For a reliance on the Holy Spirit. For this we need to be 'light on our feet' so we are ready to adapt to join in with what God is doing & not just what we are comfortable with.
  • That relationships will continue to grow between the churches in St Peters & that we would understand & live out what it really means when we say One church.
  • This coming October Half-term the churches will join together in St Peters with a team of missionaries from the States to reach out to the community of St Peters. Pray that God will move powerfully by His Spirit & that people will come to experience Jesus & know Him & choose to follow Him.

East Sussex network

Wellington Square Baptist Church

Wellington Square, HASTINGS, TN34 1PN
Website     Email 
Minister: Revd Keith Abrahams

Wellington Square Baptist Church, Hastings front elevation


  • We continue to host a variety of ministries from the church, it is great that so many different churches are united in reaching out to the people of Hastings, and organisations as diverse as Hope Kitchen (a twice weekly provision of hot food, medical care and friendship), Street Pastors, Healing on the Streets and 24/7 Prayer all use the building and are involve some of our members.  we thank God for the unity and co-operation between the churches of Hastings.
  • We have recently discovered extensive wet rot in the lower hall floor - while we will deal with this practically, it has meant the popular parent and toddler group has had to relocate to the main church.  This is actually proving to be a real blessing, has been well received by the parents, provides a better link with the church and has led to one mum coming along to our regular Shoppers Cafe recently which has not happened before.

Please pray for:

  • Keith (our pastor) will leaving us in July.  We have not the finances to employ a pastor, so will continue our ministry using the gifts that God has blessed us within the congregation for the time being. As a church we would value your prayers as we seek God for our focus and direction, that we might fulfil His purpose for us here in Hastings.
  • We have started working with the local hospital chaplain who has asked us to host services on a Sunday afternoon every other month.  The services are for patients and staff and will be broadcast on hospital radio. Thank God for this openness and pray we will be relevant and inspiring in what we do together.
  • Please pray that we will be able to bless, help the varied congregation who currently attends and enable all of us to find our own role in demonstrating Jesus to Hastings and beyond. We want to be a welcoming, 'ordinary' people, and at the same time hungry for what our extra-ordinary God wants to do amongst us.

Gatwick Network

Crawley Baptist Church

Crabtree Road, West Green, CRAWLEY, RH11 7HJ
01293 546177     Email 
Minister: Revd Ian Phillips

Crawley Baptist Church


  • We continue to see many people through the doors of the church during the week. The National Blood Service come regularly and the church is the only venue they use in Crawley now. The trainer with an NHS group who came recently commented not only on the building as the best venue he’d been to in 15 years, but also about the “feeling” he got while in the building. We pray that people will meet with God as they spend time here…an maybe they do!
  • We had a wonderful baptism service on Palm Sunday which reminded us all that God is alive and well is at work even in the most tragic of circumstances. And a quite literal reminder of the deep and profound truth that through death comes life.
  • We have seen some exciting growth in our children’s ministry with new families connecting and a renewed contact with the local Primary School.
  • Like lots of other churches we are planning towards the Holiday Club in the summer holiday. It’s great because it not only attracts the children, but also draws a team from the church who work together really well.
  • We are running a “Holiday at Home” for the first time this summer for the senior folks. We’ve had residential holidays in the past, but this is something new for us…so we’re hoping!


  • We have the opportunity to develop the Staff Team over the summer in extending the hours of our Children’s and Family worker and in having someone do some teaching, so we seeking God in this.
  • Please pray for the Holiday Cub and the Holiday at Home as we plan and prepare.
  • It would also be good to pray that we will continue to find ways to connect with the groups who use the building. It’ one thing sensing something is different here, another coming to know why that is and we long for them to know the truth of the Gospel.


Mid Sussex Network

Haywards Heath Baptist Church

7 Sussex Road, HAYWARDS HEATH, RH16 4DZ
07802 721958     Email 
Minister: Revd Chris Norden

Haywards Heath Baptist Church new buliding design


  • At the time of writing we have just received planning permission to demolish our current church building and replace it with the one pictured. This will roughly double our floor area and provide a much more welcoming and suitable environment for community activities. We are encouraged by the unity within the church family regarding this project and for the significant gifts which have been pledged so far.
  • We are currently seeking to recruit another member of staff to focus on family and community outreach and to work with our minister (Chris) and youth worker (Steph). God seems to be bringing us more outreach opportunities than we have seen for a while, and we are keen to respond to these, although our current staff and volunteer teams are quite stretched.


  • For the church to remain united through a time of significant change, and for this to be a time of spiritual and numerical growth rather than just survival.
  • For Chris and Steph, and for the successful appointment of a third member of staff to focus on family and community outreach. And for all those in the church who work so hard, to be refreshed continually by the Holy Spirit.
  • That the rebuilding project, including the remaining fundraising, will proceed well.  And that the rebuild will not be a distraction from the true work of the Gospel but that all aspects will truly be to the glory of God.

North Downs network

Church Crookham Baptist Church

64 Basingbourne Road, CHURCH CROOKHAM, GU52 6TH
Minister: Pastor Paul Brice

Church Crookham Baptist Church front elevation


  • We rejoice in growth in membership and attendances at our Sunday morning services. We also give thanks for the successful programmes of a monthly youth club (Sunday Xtra) for secondary age children and quarterly Sunday Fun for primary age children.
  • We are looking forward to the commencement of the "Who cares? Hampshire" mission in June. Three local churches in Fleet and Church Crookham are involved, together with many more across the county.    


  • Please pray for God's blessing on and fruitfulness from the "Who cares? Hampshire" mission.
  • Please join us in our ongoing prayer for many to be saved, baptised and added to the church over the coming months.
  • Please continue to pray for the unity, maturity, purity and diversity of CCBC (and all local churches!) - refer to Ephesians 4.


North Kent network

Frindsbury Baptist Church

due to technical issues, North Kent's report from Frindsbury Baptist Church will appear next month!

South Kent network

Sandhurst Baptist Church

01580 850446     Email 
Minister: Pastor Ken Slater

Sandhurst Baptist Church

News & Prayer:

  • Church life continues and a faithful core of loyal workers help keep the ship afloat. There are of course ups and downs but the church continues to be  a loving fellowship and seeks to reach out to all and sundry.
  • We have recently concluded a "Christianity Explored Course" which was well attended and appreciated. Our Saturday morning football outreach is proving to be  a blessing and many opportunities arise to speak to parents and guardians as they deliver and collect their children. Some stay to support their children and enjoy tea, coffee and biscuits and ask all sorts of questions.
  • Just recently a refugee family from Syria have been settled in the village and two boys come along to the football along with their father who comes from time to time. It is good to see them full of smiles and warm greetings despite not yet being able to speak English.
  • A thriving netball outreach takes place and again there are many opportunities for evangelism. In both groups a gospel message is given during a break.
  • We run a Youth Club, Teens Group, Nursery Group and a monthly Luncheon outreach.
  • An encouraging feature of late has been the conversion and baptism of a young man who came via football and the attendance of parents and children at our Sunday morning meeting. The ongoing work at a Ladies Bible Study has been joined by a relative of one of the football boys.
  • We plan to have an Open Air Celebration on the village playing fields in June with a band, barbecue, rounders and  an evangelistic talk.
  • We are holding a camp and a four-day SportsReach event in Summer, the latter usually ending with our building being nearly full.
  • We recently appointed our first Elder. We value your prayers.


West Kent network

Pembury Baptist Church

Romford Road, PEMBURY, TN2 4HT
01892 825590     Email 
Minister: pastoral vacancy

Pembury Baptist Church front elevation

PBC (formerly Pembury Free Church) has been established in the village since 1834; the chapel was originally established as a fellowship of Independents or Congregationalist who had separated from the Church of England, but has been a member of the Baptist Union since 1897.  More details of our church’s history are available on our website. In the year 2000, following the extension and refurbishment of the church sanctuary, the decision was taken to change the name to Pembury Baptist Church, reflecting our Baptist practices.  We welcome all who love the Lord Jesus to share in communion with us and baptism is not a requirement for membership.  Our congregation and membership come from a variety of denominational backgrounds, bringing a richness and diversity to our church family, which is comprised of a combination of people who live in the village (about 60%), together with those who travel to the church from the surrounding towns and villages.

Because we firmly believe that the church consists of the people, not the buildings, our mission field is as much in the workplace or at the school gates as it is in our church-based activities; at the heart of our vision is the community that surrounds Pembury Baptist Church.


  • A recent, successful innovation has been the establishment of our monthly Saturday ‘Kingdom Café’ where people can come to chat and socialise over free coffee and piece of cake or enjoy some soup and a roll.  We also have a range of well-established community ministries.  These include our popular Tuesday Club for older folks where we serve 35-40 lunches every week, and Little Rascals, providing sessions twice a week for young children and their carers.  Messy Church takes place on a Saturday around six times a year, providing an opportunity for the whole family to come and engage in activities, lunch and enjoy a short interactive teaching session.
  • Although we already have a diverse range of well-established community ministries, we believe there is potential to expand this work further under the leadership of the new Pastor who we are currently seeking. 


  • Pray for the people of PBC as we continue the reach out to the neighbourhood.
  • Pray for the communities which we are seeking to reach with the love of Jesus.
  • Pray for wisdom for the Elders at this time of Interregnum.

West Sussex network

Angmering Baptist Church

Station Road, ANGMERING, BN16 4HY
01903 786821    Email 
Minister: Revd David Barnes

Angmering Baptist Church Friends  Fun

We are a small fellowship of just over fifty members situated in a beautiful village on the south coast of England who would love to express our Saviour’s love to all those who live in our village and community.


  • A year ago our treasurer Dick and his wife Barbara decided to try and encourage people from our local community to join us at our Church for an afternoon of ‘Friendship and Fun’ where they could come make new friends, relax and hopefully experience the love of our Saviour Jesus and seek to find out more about His saving grace. Activities include board games, art and crafts, table tennis and a quiz. At Christmas we had a special Friendship and Fun carol service. Around twenty people regularly attend of which a third are probably from outside of the Church but live in our local community. We have a meeting on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month 2pm to 4pm. The majority of newcomers are lonely because of the loss of their partners. They enjoy meeting up with other people they can easily make friends with.
  • The Bible by the Beach event in Eastbourne took place at the Winter Theatre 28th April- 1st May. It was the first time my wife and I had attended, and along with around 1,200 other believers and 350 children and young people we experienced a great blessing. Such a wonderful event on our doorstep. This year focused on the Reformation which took place 500 years ago. There was in depth teaching/ application on central truths such as justification by faith in Christ, and the importance of the Bible as the inspired and authoritative Word of God. The London All Soul’s Orchestra beautifully led us in praise of God. Sixteen from ABC attended Monday’s morning ministry and then profitably reflected on what we had heard, and prayed accordingly in our own afternoon session held at New Hope Baptist Church. 

We as for prayer:

  • That those who benefited from attending our last Alpha Course will attend the follow on course ‘A Life Worth living’ starting the 14th June, and that others will also join our new Alpha Course  beginning in September.
  • For many in our elderly congregation who are facing long term health problems, operations and bereavement. Pray that they will draw comfort and hope from their union with the Lord and in fellowship with their brothers and sisters at ABC.
  • The church has only had one family (with children) regularly attend for some years, so we were grateful for five families that attended our Mothering Sunday family service this year. We will now have a monthly morning family service for the foreseeable future. Please pray for this new development.


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